August 22, 2011: UAAP Team Standings & Power Rankings

Team Standings as of August 22, 2011:

Power Rankings as of August 22, 2011:
1 - Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles (no change)
9-0 and still rolling. If they play the way they did against UST for every single game hereafter, then we can all move on and talk about Season 75. They're bound to dash UE's upset hopes on Thursday, and they should compound DLSU's woes even more on Sunday.

2 - Adamson Soaring Falcons (no change)
Blasted UP before bungling the endgame against FEU. I still think they'll beat FEU 6 or 7 times out of 10, but that doesn't mean they should take their remaining games lightly. They have a tougher sked compared to the Tams just because they have Ateneo as their 14th game, which means they absolutely cannot afford to lose against lower seeds from now on. UP should be a nice stress-reliever after this past Sunday's loss.

3 - FEU Tamaraws (up one spot)
The Tams are still charging despite being severely hampered by key injuries. It may have been a blessing in disguise, though, as coach Bert Flores has had to shuffle a tighter rotation than usual. The result? His shot-hungry players (read: Garcia & Romeo) are getting theirs, while other guys like Aldrech Ramos and Carl Cruz are able to get their rhythm going. The scary thing is both of their wins this week were nail-biters, which means they're still quite vulnerable to anyone out there. And who's waiting on Saturday? Why, we have the streaking NU Bulldogs, who've won 2 of their last 3.

4 - NU Bulldogs (up two spots)
Got bombarded by the Falcons, but recovered well by chewing out the Maroons. Parks continues to impress, but his teammates have been a little schizophrenic. It seems we've got the Bulldogs figured out -- Parks is the constant, winning/losing is the dependent variable, and his teammates' performances are the independent variables. If Mbe consistently flashes his double-double form, then NU might just make a good run at 4th place. He'll be tested by Aldrech Ramos and Mark Bringas in a few days, though.

5 - UST Growling Tigers (no change)
Coach Jarencio and his wards stay at #5, but this 5 is a far cry from the top 4. Jeric Fortuna had a terrible showing against Ateneo. Ditto with Chris Camus. Even if Karim Abdul and Jeric Teng put up big points, the Tigers need the intangibles the former pair provides in order to succeed. They're still in the hunt for a semis slot, but a loss to the reeling Green Archers and/or the dangerous Red Warriors this week might derail them for good. 
6 - De La Salle Green Archers (down 3 spots)
As per my personal rule, any team defeated by UE automatically goes down at least 3 spots. The only reason DLSU stays ahead of the team that beat them is I still believe that 9 times out of 10 this La Salle roster can handle UE. But they have got to hit their free-throws. Who's their shooting coach anyway? Maybe he needs a raise to get motivated, or, better yet, maybe he needs to get axed and coach Dindo Pumaren should locate Chip Engeland somewhere in the States. That's how bad it is. Whatever it is they're planning, they better do it quick because UST would love to pour their frustrations on the Greenies, and the Eagles would like nothing more than to show the Archers the door come Thursday and Sunday respectively.
7 - UE Red Warriors (up one spot)
Three good things for UE: 1) they now have 2 more wins than many people predicted they'd have (and it's only their 9th game!), 2) they're now NOT in last place in the standings, and 3) if they continue playing like this, then they'll probably beat the UP Fighting Maroons, too! They have their work cut out for them this week, however, as the Ateneans and Thomasians are set to give them a dose of reality.
8 - UP Fighting Maroons (down one spot)
Awful. Plain and simple. They let those Tamaraws climb back in and wrest the win last Thursday before building a house of bricks against NU last Sunday. And who's waiting just around the bend? The Adamson Soaring Falcons, who are just raring to vent out. Looks like the Dilimanians are getting cozy in the basement.

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