August 16, 2011: UAAP Team Standings & Power Rankings

Team Standings as of August 16, 2011:

Power Rankings as of August 16, 2011:
1 - Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles (no change)
Pulled the rug from under the Tamaraws' hooves to maintain their immaculate record. They've played blowouts, close games, and come-from-behind encouters, and have won them all. They have a great chance to gain even more momentum against UST, provided they buck their customary slow start and manage to limit Teng and Fortuna anew.

2 - Adamson Soaring Falcons (no change)
Adamson blasted UP and scraped past the Archers, and now the Falcons are at solo second. Leo Austria seems to know how to milk the most from his veteran crew, and they've responded with aplomb. There is still a danger of shooting themselves on the foot (Lester Alvarez I'm looking at you here), but at this stage in the competition, the big picture for Adamson is a spot in the Final Four. They'll be tested this week, however, against the Bulldogs and the Tams. 

3 - De La Salle Green Archers (no change)
UST gave them a scare, and the Falcons dropped them in the clutch, but do you get the feeling that the Archers are bound to break out soon? Coach Dindo Pumaren displayed his tactical acumen against both UST and Adamson -- preventing a complete collapse against the former, and almost causing a complete collapse in the latter. It seems he's also decided on his constant rotation, with the occasional drifter in Poson Gotladera or Papot Paredes. He has so many weapons it's not funny, but if DLSU looks to break games open then LA Revilla has to get his early season form back. Lowly UE is up next, which should prove to no problem at all.

4 - FEU Tamaraws (no change)
It took them a mere 6 minutes to lose a game that, for 39 minutes, they seemingly had in the bag. Christian Sentcheu joins JR Cawaling and Pipo Noundou in sick bay. RR Garcia's is still a streaky volume shooter. Terrence Romeo crumbled in crunch time against Emman Monfort. Aldrech Ramos cannot do everything on his own. Carl Cruz won't have a shooting night like the one he had against Ateneo again this season. Mark Bringas will probably get thrown out again before the second round ends. There are just so many issued with the Tams right now that it's a miracle they were able to almost-beat Ateneo. These issues won't stop FEU from being quite dangerous, though, as UP and Adamson are bound to find out this week.

5 - UST Growling Tigers (no change)
Oh man who knows what would've happened had Jeric Fortuna not gotten the cramps against La Salle? UST's humming, and they've shown the kind of game that will give them a legit Final Four shot. Though the score might tell differently, they also dominated the Maroons, showing composure when it mattered. And that game didn't turn out to be the shoot-from-the-hip affair many probably expected. UST pounded the ball down low and didn't settle for jumpers like they usually do. Is this a sign that the Tigers are maturing? We'll all find out when they tackle the defending champs on Saturday.

6 - NU Bulldogs (up one spot)
They thrashed, THRASHED, the Warriors and proved that UE's lone win was a fluke. If NU continues playing like that, then they should regain their fringe FInal Four status. But the thing is nobody really knows which NU team will show up in each game. Is it going to be the team that got beaten by the Warriors or the one that handed Adamson its only loss post-opening-weekend? The Dogs should expect a vengeful flock of Falcons on Thursday, and then enjoy Sunday lunch at he expense of the Maroons.
7 - UP Fighting Maroons (down one spot)
It seems UP's upset of FEU was the climax of their season, and that everything that follows will be part of the falling action -- falling down the standings that is. Looking at UP's remaining games, it seems UE is the only realistic chance for the Diliman five to get win #3. The Tams will be looking to show their real selves (though they'll be severely depleted) against UP on Thursday while NU will probably chew them up on Sunday.

8 - UE Red Warriors (no change)
They were probably feeling pumped Saturday morning before playing NU. They were probably in the doldrums Saturday evening after getting their behinds handed to them forty times over. Coach Jerry Codiñera should tell his boys that they should get used to the pain, because they'll be plenty more coming Recto's way, starting with La Salle on Saturday. 

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