Did Jarelan Tampus's stella play in Week 4
land him any awards?
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WEEK 4 PLAYER AWARDS (based on Simple Efficiency Rating unless otherwise specified)
Simple Efficiency Rating (EFF) = (pts+reb+ast+stl+blk) - (fgm+ftm+to)

By Position:
Center of Attention: (C)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) - 14pts, 13rebs, 2blks, 1ast
*Greg gets the nod over Mbe due to the latter's off game against DLSU.

Greg Slaughter towered over the competition yet again.
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Fantastic 4: (PF)
Chris Camus (UST) - 8pts, 7rebs, 3blks, 3asts, 1stl
*Camus filled up the stat-sheet despite losing a heartbreaker to the Tams, and I always consider Aldrech Ramos a C.

Swingin' Swingman: (SF)
Ping Exciminiano (FEU) - 8pts, 9rebs, 3asts, 2stls
*Ping remains to be the most productive Tamaraw game in and game out.

Wing Warrior: (SG)
Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) - 15pts, 4rebs, 3asts, 3stls, 5/8 FG
*Kiefer for MVP? Still too early, but if he Kiefs it up then don't be surprised.

Focal Point: (PG)
Emman Monfort (AdMu) - 13pts, 4rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 5/7 FG, 2/3 3PT
*The little guy that could.

Shock Factor: (most surprising performance --  in a good way)
Jarelan Tampus (DLSU) - 12.5ppg, 3apg, 2rpg, 1spg, 10/17 FG, 5/6 FT
*The Squire-turned-Archer could be the juggernaut Gang Green has been waiting for. 

Fresh Prince: (for players eligible to be ROY)
Kiefer Ravena (AdMu) - see stats above
*Rookie-MVP possibility, but let's not jinx it.

Kiefer Ravena was the most efficient among ALL players
in Week 4.
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All-Offensive Five: (pts, oreb & ast)
Aldrech Ramos (FEU) - 10pts, 4orebs, 2asts
Glenn Khobuntin (NU) - 10.5ppg, 4orpg, 1.5apg
Jeric Teng (UST) - 23pts, 1oreb
Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) - 15pts, 4asts
Jeric Fortuna (UST) - 16pts, 1oreb, 1ast

All-Defensive Five: (dreb, stl & blk)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) - 13drebs, 2blks
Aldrech Ramos (FEU) - 5pts, 4blks, 1stl
Chris Camus (UST) - 6drebs, 3blks, 1stl
Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) - 3drebs, 4stls
LA Revilla (DLSU) - 4.5drpg, 3spg, 1bpg

Week 4 First Team:
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) - 19 EFF
Aldrech Ramos (FEU) - 17 EFF
Ping Exciminiano (FEU) - 17 EFF
Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) - 21 EFF
Emman Monfort (AdMU) - 18 EFF

Week 4 Second Team:
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) - 16 EFF
Chris Camus (UST) - 15 EFF
Jarelan Tampus (DLSU) - 12.5 EFF
Kirk Long (AdMU) - 16 EFF
LA Revilla (DLSU) - 15.5 EFF

Emmanuel Mbe's heroics earned him a nod
in Week 4's Second Team.
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UAAP SEASON 74 STAT LEADERS (as of July 18, 2011)
Top 5 Scorers:
Ray Parks (NU) 16.2
LA Revilla (DLSU) 15.6
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 15.4
Alex Nuyles (AdU) 15.0
Jeric Teng (UST) 15.0

Jeric Teng's explosion against FEU propelled
him to the Top 5 in scoring.
(image by Justin de Jesus/
Top 5 Rebounders
Alinko Mbah (UP) 9.0
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 8.8
Karim Abdul (UST) 8.3
Aldrech Ramos (FEU) 8.2
*Eric Camson (AdU) 7.0
*Chris Camus (UST) 7.0
*tied for 5th-6th

Top 5 Playmakers
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 4.2
Kirk Long (AdMU) 4.0
Jerick Cañada (AdU) 3.8
Jeric Fortuna (UST) 3.8
Mke Gamboa (UP) 3.8

Top 5 Thieves
LA Revilla (DLSU) 2.4
Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) 2.0
Ping Exciminiano (FEU) 1.6
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 1.6
*Chris Camus (UST) 1.5
*Jeric Fortuna (UST) 1.5
*tied for 5th-6th

Top 5 Rejectors
Austin Manyara (AdU) 2.8
Alinko Mbah (UP) 2.5
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) 2.0
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 2.0
Karim Abdul (UST) 1.5

Top 5 FG% (at least 16 FGA)
Adrian Santos (UE) 57.1%
Kirk Long (AdMU) 56.3%
Melo Afuang (UST) 55.6%
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) 53.8%
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) 53.7%

Top 5 3PT% (at least 8 3PTA)
Luigi dela Paz (DLSU) 60.0%
Kirk Long (AdMU) 41.7%
Sam Marata (DLSU) 38.9%
Carlo Gomez (UP) 37.5%
LA Revilla (DLSU) 36.4%

Luigi dela Paz remains the most potent sniper in the league.
(image by Joseph Nebrida/
Top 5 FT% (at least 12 FTA)
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 93.8%
Jett Manuel (UP) 91.7%
Jarelan Tampus (DLSU) 85.7%
Paul Zamar (UE) 82.1%
RR Garcia (FEU) 78.9%

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