Did Kiefer Ravena's heroics land him any player awards
for Week 3 of Season 74?
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WEEK 3 PLAYER AWARDS (based on Simple Efficiency Rating unless otherwise specified)
Simple Efficiency Rating (EFF) = (pts+reb+ast+stl+blk) - (fgm+ftm+to)
By Position:
Center of Attention: (C)
Alinko Mbah (UP) - 15pts, 9rebs, 3blks, 1 stl, 7/9FG
*Mbah had a breakout game of some sort that was dampened by the loss against DLSU

UP's Nigerian giant, Alinko Mbah, isWeek 3's
best big man.
(image by Joseph Nebrida/
Fantastic 4: (PF)
Eric Camson (AdU) - 19pts, 7rebs, 1ast, 8/14FG
*Camson helped Adamson dominate the UST Growling Tigers

Swingin' Swingman: (SF)
Janus Lozada (AdU) - 21pts, 4rebs, 2asts, 7/9FG, 6/8FT
*Lozada was the catalyst who spanked the Tigers in the 1st period of that match

Wing Warrior: (SG)
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) - 14pts, 7rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 5/8FG
*Slowly morphing into a 1-2 punch with LA Revilla

Focal Point: (PG)
LA Revilla (DLSU) - 9pts, 7rebs, 6asts, 4stls
*Revilla doesn't have to score to be the best PG in the league

Shock Factor: (most surprising performance --  in a good way)
Ping Exciminiano (FEU) - 8.5ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.5asts, 3spg, 1.5bpg, 
*He's the main reason FEU got 2 wins this past week. 

Fresh Prince: (for players eligible to be ROY)
Arnold Van Opstal (DLSU) - 13pts, 6rebs, 1ast, 1blk, 5/9FG, 3/3FT
*La Sallians hope AVO will be the next great big man from Taft

Arnold Van Opstal flashed fine form manning the slot for DLSU
in their win against UP.
(image by Joseph Nebrida/
All-Offensive Five: (pts, oreb & ast)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) - 16.5ppg, 3.0orpg
Eric Camson (AdU) - 19pts, 1oreb, 1ast
Mike Silungan (UP) - 16pts, 1oreb, 4asts
Janus Lozada (AdU) - 21pts, 2oreb, 2asts
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) - 14pts, 4orebs, 4asts

All-Defensive Five: (dreb, stl & blk)
Alinko Mbah (UP) - 5drebs, 3blks, 1stl
Karim Abdul (UST) - 7drebs, 1stl
Mike Silungan (UP) - 4drebs, 2blks, 1stl
Ping Exciminiano (FEU) - 4rpg, 3spg, 1.5bpg
LA Revilla (DLSU) - 7drebs, 4stls

Week 3 First Team:
Alinko Mbah (UP) - 22 EFF
Eric Camson (AdU) - 21 EFF
Janus Lozada (AdU) - 22 EFF
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) - 20 EFF
LA Revilla (DLSU) - 16 EFF

Week 3 Second Team:
Karim Abdul (UST) - 16 EFF
Arnold Van Opstal (DLSU) 16 EFF
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) - 17 EFF
Ping Excminiano (FEU) - 16 EFF
Emman Monfort (AdMU) - 15.5 EFF

UAAP SEASON 74 STAT LEADERS (as of July 18, 2011)
Top 5 Scorers:
Ray Parks (NU) 19.3
Alex Nuyles (AdU) 16.3
LA Revilla (DLSU) 16.3
RR Garcia (FEU) 16.3
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 15.8

Top 5 Rebounders
Alinko Mbah (UP) 8.7
Aldrech Ramos (FEU) 8.0
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 7.8
Eric Camson (AdU) 7.7
Adrian Santos (UE) 7.5

Top 5 Playmakers
Jerick Cañada (AdU) 4.7
LA Revilla (DLSU) 4.7
Jeric Fortuna (UST) 4.7
Kirk Long (AdMU) 4.3
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 4.3

Kirk Long breaks into the Top 5 in assists per game.
(image by Joseph Nebrida/
Top 5 Thieves
LA Revilla (DLSU) 2.0
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 1.8
Mike Silungan (UP) 1.7
Chris Camus (UST) 1.7
Jeric Fortuna (UST) 1.7

Top 5 Rejectors
Austin Manyara (AdU) 2.3
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) 2.3
Alinko Mbah (UP) 2.3
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 2.0
Mike Silungan (UP) 1.7

Top 5 FG% (at least 12 FGA)
Janus Lozada (AdU) 70.6%
Alex Nuyles (AdU) 66.7%
Melo Afuang (UST) 62.5%
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) 58.8%
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) 57.1%

Top 5 3PT% (at least 6 3PTA)
Luigi de la Paz (DLSU) 57.1%
Alex Nuyles (AdU) 50.0%
LA Revilla (DLSU) 42.9%
JR Cawaling (FEU) 38.5%
Jeric Fortuna (UST) 33.3%
Gelo Alolino (NU) 33.3%
Carlo Gomez (UP) 33.3%
- 3 guys tied for 5th-7th

Luigi de la Paz leads the league in 3-Point Shooting Percentage.
(image by Joseph Nebrida/
Top 5 FT% (at least 9 FTA)
Emman Monfort (AdMU) 100.0%
Jeoff Javillonar (NU) 90.9%
Russel Escoto (FEU) 90.0%
Oda Tampus (DLSU) 86.7%
RR Garcia (FEU) 84.6%

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