The Games that Play Us: The Trueshot Aura

Simon Atkins was on-the-money against UE.
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DLSU Green Archers over the UE Red Warriors, 87-63

For those who are familiar with the cult-classic video game mod entitled Defense of the Ancients, or DOTA, then you guys probably know what the Trueshot Aura is. It’s an ability unique to one of the heroes in the game, and it basically makes a character’s attacks, as well as that character’s allies’ attacks, stronger.

If you’re not familiar with the game, then suffice to say that the Trueshot aura is a good thing.

A very good thing.

And it seemed like the Green Archers were under the aura’s effects as they dismantled the UE Red Warriors yesterday.

La Salle was just better in most everything. Better by a mile. They shot better from the field (49%-32%) and from three-land (38%-20%). They also had more rebounds (39-37), assists (23-13), steals (5-3), and blocks (6-5). It was the very definition of a shellacking.

This, of course, happened after UE’s requisite hot start. It seems to be their trademark nowadays – take a lead in the opening minutes and relinquish it the rest of the way. Their youthful exuberance enables them to get a jump on their foes in the 1st stanza, but their inexperience hinders them from keeping in step for the remainder of the game.

JM Noble has to mature quickly for UE's sake.
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And there seems to be no sign of things letting up for coach Jerry Codiñera. Paul Zamar has proven that, try as he might, he’s just not born to lead a team, and he cannot create shots with consistency. It’s like asking Reggie Miller to go one-on-one with Ron Harper – Miller might be able to put a move or two on Harper, but more often than not he won’t succeed. Zamar is a spot-up shooter, not a playmaker or catalyst. JM Noble is the catalyst on this UE squad, but his penchant for going to one direction and then spinning the other way has been read well by his defenders. Looks like he didn’t pick up as many moves from Paul Lee as coach Codiñera would’ve wanted.

But there is one bright spot on this UE team. He’s been consistent throughout the year, and he’s been the most efficient player by far for the Recto five. He’s Adrian Santos. He scored 14 points, on 6-of-7 shooting, in only 9 minutes. Garbage time? Yes, sure, but he’s been that efficient since day 1 for UE, and he needs to see the light of day. 9 minutes? Are you kidding?

And here’s my last stab at UE, my last stab at pretending to know how to make them better, coach Jerry has to stick with a consistent starting unit. Juggling the first five like a box of Boggle cubes won’t make it easier to find reliable go-to players. Pick your main five and stick with it. I’m guessing Santos, rookie Chirs Javier, Zamar, Noble, and rookie Roi Sumang would be a good unit. Sumang is a better fit than fellow freshie BJ Zosa -- Zosa hit 3 triples, but he had no assists and 3 turnovers in 24 minutes. UE’s only got one assignment left in the first round, the revitalized NU Bulldogs, and they have no chance of winning that match, but if they can stick to a solid rotation then maybe they can go more than one good quarter.

La Salle, on the other hand, has Adamson and UST to close out the first half of the season. I believe the Archers are the most dangerous team right now. They’re riding high on a 3-game win streak, it seems coach Dindo Pumaren has his main rotation figured out, and this generation’s leaders are coming out of the woodwork.

Jarelan Tampus is the neo Joseph Yeo
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Here’s my take – Luigi de la Paz is the new Mac Cardona (minus the uber-angas), Jarelan Tampus is the new Joseph Yeo (much more effective save for a suspect jumper, and not as full of air), Simon Atkins inherits TY Tang’s I’m-the-old-guy role, and LA Revilla takes on JV Casio’s mantle. Arnold Van Opstal is no Rico Maierhofer yet, but he’s well on his way (unless their big man coach derails his progress). Given Adamson’s freak loss to NU, and the still-not-quite-there Ateneo bench, this DLSU group is the hottest team right now. I’m picking them over Adamson on Thursday and they should further compound UST’s woes on Sunday.

After a winless start to their campaign, La Salle’s Archers are finally on-target, and their Trueshot aura doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

After a rough start, Arnold Van Opstal and the Archers
have settled into a groove.
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DLSU 87 – Tampus 15, Atkins 12, Revilla 10, Vosotros 7, Torres 6, de la Paz 5, Marata 5, Mendoza 5, Villanueva 5, Reyes 4, Van Opstal 4, Webb 4, Andrada 3, Paredes 2, Gotladera 0, Sara 0
UE 63 – Santos 14, Noble 10, Zamar 10, Zosa 9, Casajeros 4, Chavez 4, Javier 4, Duran 2, Montelibano 2, Subido 2, Tagarda 2, De Leon 0, Enguio 0, Flores 0, Sabangan 0, Sumang 0
QS: 13-13, 45-26, 65-44, 87-63

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all of the la salle wins came from teams below .500, you think they can hack it with winning teams?


Definitely Drei. As long as Pumaren sticks to the present rotation, and perhaps some lucky breaks along the way, makaka-upset ang La Salle. Still a Final Four team for me :) Naks!


hopefully not against admu!