The Games that Play Us: The Silencer and Would-be Cliches

Kiefer Ravena presented himself in emphatic fashion
against the DLSU Green Archers.
(image by Diana Moraleda/

AdMU Blue Eagles over the DLSU Green Archers, 81-72

How many guys in the league can score 22 points in one half? How many can do it after not scoring at all in the previous game? How many can do it as a rookie?

Not many I presume, but Kiefer Ravena is definitely in that mold. Almost a week after many doubters felt good about doubting “The Phenom,” Ravena silenced them all in the first few minutes alone as he made a 6-0 solo run that handed the Eagles a lead they’d only momentarily relinquish.

And with this breakout game, it’s no surprise Kiefer’s name has been the subject of destined-to-be-trite statements like “Kief the Faith,” “Kiefing it Real”, or “Kief it Up.”

We better get used to it I guess. And Kiefer unloading 22 in one half? That might be too much to ask of someone so young for every single game, but he’s served notice that he’ll definitely be a constant threat to do just that.

Greg Slaughter was limited, but still found a few ways
to contribute to the win.
(image by Diana Moraleda/
It almost seems unfair, really, how coach Norman Black can count on so many weapons at any given time. The hero of the opening game, Greg Slaughter, was “held” to just 7 points, but he still contributed positively with 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and, get this, 4 assists! Norman Black and big men just mesh well together. And when the Archers got the wiser by hampering Kiefer in the 2nd half? Nico Slava, Kirk Long and Ateneo’s very own version of JJ Barea, Emman Monfort, took over. The young gun built the lead, and the vets kept the enemy at bay – a wonderful synergy.

Props to the Green side though for not folding when the mighty Blue lead was at its biggest. LA Revilla continued to fight, and he was by far the most effective of the Taft-based hoopsters, but alas one man cannot carry the fight alone. As a basketball fan, I can’t help but feel for such a hardworking guy who just can’t get enough support from his team. Methinks something is really awry with Gang Green’s system, and perhaps some tinkering is needed.

It seems Jarelan Tampus and the Archers still have
some figuring out to do.
(image by Diana Moraleda/
But I’m not here to give unsolicited advice to those seeking to dislodge us from our aerie peak. I’m just happy my former student is finally able to break out and, pardon the cliché, live up to the hype. Pardon another cliché – Kief it up Kiefer.

Bleh. As a writer I’m really not one for such hackneyed statements, but, hey, as long as Kiefer kiefs on scoring and we kief on winning, who am I to complain?

*I committed a sin. I did not watch the game live – neither in the flesh nor on TV. I was somewhere else, but I was kept abreast through the wonders of smart-phones and DZSR Sports Radio 918 AM. Oh, gods of technology, thank you.

AdMU 81 – Ravena 24, Salva 18, Long 10, Monfort 10, Slaughter 7, Golla 6, Chua 2, Gonzaga 2, Tiongson 2, Austria 0, Capacio 0, Sumalinog 0

Game highlights here: AdMU-DLSU Round 1 Season 74

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