The UAAP Season 74 Eligibility Hullabaloo

So the broadsheets are spicing up the UAAP wars by releasing stories about the eligibility of two prominent names in the amateur ranks. Let's take a look at both cases.

Warning: I'm biased :) But I'll still try to be as objective as possible. (I said TRY)

Will Parks be raining jumpers come July '11?
(image by Jan Dizon/Filoil Flying V Sports)
Ray Ray Parks of the NU Bulldogs:
The Issue: He graduated HS in the US, which means he must establish a TWO-YEAR residency first before suiting up for Henry Sy's dawgs.

What I found: I've tried perusing the net for any proof that he finished HS in the US, but I honestly can't. All I could come up with is that he played for St. George's Independent School until the 10th grade then transferred to Melrose High School and helped that team win a class AAA title in his 11th grade (source). Based on this article, however, Parks has apparently been cleared by DepEd as a HS grad, which enabled him to enroll in NU as a freshie and serve 1 year of residency. 

What the rules say: Based on how I understand the rules, it seems Parks did NOT finish HS in the Philippines, and should take establish his 2-year residency first, BUT there is one stipulation that goes like this:

"Except as provided in these Rules, the residency requirement for students who have studied abroad in order to be eligible to play in the UAAP, shall be two (2) consecutive years having been duly enrolled in the Philippines and having satisfactorily met the academic requirements by passing the minimum number of units required. For transferees, the rules on transfer students shall apply. Further, the following cases are exempted:
  1. Children of parents assigned abroad due to the nature of their jobs;
  2. Children whose parents are OFWs and stationed abroad."
IF NU can establish that Bobby Parks went abroad due to his job, then MAYBE this some sort of "loophole" the Bulldogs can exploit. That would make his case similar to Maui Villanueva's case (or even Rich Alvarez's I guess), since Maui graduated in Japan, where his folks worked.

My take: I honestly think there's a strong chance Parks will be allowed to play. I think NU's best bet is to present proof that his case is similar to Maui's, which should make Parks's 1-year residency enough as per the precedents. The problem with this is Maui (nor Rich) served any residency. They were deemed eligible from the get-go. This means Parks's case could be seen as dissimilar altogether, OR the UAAP overlooked this precedent and mistakenly forced Parks to sit out one year. Needless to say, the board's decision here will affect NU's fortunes significantly, and perhaps spur some rule changes.

Will Greg be allowed to slaughter the opposition this season?
(image by Carl Sta. Ana/Filoil Flying V Sports)
Greg Slaughter of the Ateneo Blue Eagles:
The Issue: He played for Smart-Gilas in the PBA Commissioner's Cup. 

What I found: Greg already served the required 1-year residency due to his transfer from a non-UAAP school, but, apparently, that's not even the issue in contention here. We cannot discount the fact he did play for Smart-Gilas not only in the PBA, but also in the 2010 Asian Games. This is what other entities are using as ammo for his ineligibility.

What the rules say: There are two things we should look at:

"5. An athlete who is in the process of establishing residency requirements in the UAAP shall not play for another team in any league; otherwise, an additional one (1) year residency shall be required. Such athlete may play for his/her own university outside the UAAP.
6. An athlete proven to have played for another team in violation of the Rule above shall he prohibited from playing for one (l) calendar year starting from the time he/she last played for such team. The player's suspension of (l)year shall be counted in his/her playing years in
the UAAP."

Looking at this rule alone, it seems clear Greg should spend one more year on the sidelines, BUT there are also these rules:
  1. No athlete and/or team of any UAAP Member University may play for any other entity for the duration of the UAAP tournament in which such athlete/team is/are participating except;
    1. Exhibition Games
    2. Barangay Level Tournament
    3. DECS – CHED Organized competitions
    4. National Team Selections
    5. Tournament for ranking purposes provided he/she represents his/her UAAP Member University or him/herself
    6. AFP
    7. NSA organized tournament
    8. Alumni organized tournaments.
    9. Commercial Leagues except PBL"
Smart-Gilas didn't play in the PBA as a pro team, but as a guest team, and it is the SBP-sanctioned National Team, which should make the second set of rules exempt Greg from the previous set. I can't think of any similar cases though, but there are probably a couple in the whole history of the league.

My take: I think this is enough to counter any arguments about Greg's eligibility, so (and believe me this is me TRYING HARD to be objective) I won't be able to understand or appreciate any decision that presents anything otherwise. 

So there, based on my research and analysis, there are sufficient grounds for both Ray Parks and Greg Slaughter to be eligible in Season 74.

*In other news, Sudan Daniel of San Beda apparently injured his ACL and will reportedly miss the entire NCAA season. All of a sudden the race for the title is wide open. 

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what you're overlooking is this: the "permission to play outside the uaap" rule u cited applies when the uaap is ongoing. his stint at gilas was not during the uaap so that rule doesn't come into play here.

however, the residency rule does. he clearly played with another team while establishing residency.


If the board will use Greg's stint in the 2010 Asian Games, then it could be argued that the Smart-Gials tour of duty was still well within the UAAP calendar. Perhaps not the Basketball tourney, but the general UAAP calendar. Now since Gilas played in the Commissioner's Cup, which played out from Feb-April I think, it could also be argued that the UAAP was still ongoing. The big thing right now, after reading the broadsheets, is that this "national team" exception appears to be a new rule, which means it's not retroactive. I'm not sure how the board will interpret these things, but I still hope they allow Slaughter to play (Parks too).