Off-Topic: There was a time I wanted to go to Bali

Got this story from a friend.

Basically, it goes like this:

- Two Filipinas travel to Bali, Indonesia via Singapore (AIr Asia) for holiday.
- They get stopped at the Bali airport for no apparent reason apart from the fact they are Filipinas.
- They get detained and questioned, with the Bali airport officials insinuating these 2 Filipinas might be drug mules. No proof. No red flags. Apart from the simply being Filipinas.
- They get searched. One girl is BODY SEARCHED. They are detained for about an hour and a half. For what? FOR NOTHING.
- The Filipinas are eventually released, but the bigger question is should they have been detained in the first place? HELL NO. As far as I'm concerned, their rights were violated. Crazy.

I want to say DAMN BALI, but this probably happens in other places too. But why? Who should be held accountable? Should every Filipino be detained and questioned simply for being Filipino? For the sins of other Filipinos? Crazy. Illogical. The very nature of that thought, or the line of argumentation that leads to such a thought, is appalling. Great example of a fallacious line of thinking. 

I'm tempted to want to do the same thing to Indonesians -- to simply detain them because they're Indonesians. But that means we'd commit the same asinine way of thinking, that we'd stoop to such an unjustified level of  "crime prevention/detection." 


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