Some of the BIGGEST Draft Steals in the Last Decade

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2001 19th Pick: Zach Randolph
- Looking at Zebo's career reveals the travails of a classic NBA journeyman, but one cannot dispute how effective he's been in most of his tours of duty. He's spent 10 seasons in the NBA and has averaged double-doubles in 6 of them. He's seen renewed interest after leading the Grizzlies into the 2nd Round of the 2011 Playoffs, and many are looking at him to continue building on that success in the 2011-2012 season.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Kirk Haston (16th)

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2001 25th Pick: Gerald Wallace
- Wallace was the first Bobcat in an All-Star Game (2010), and is widely considered as a tier-one defender in the league. Has career averages of 13ppg and 6rpg, but has been a consistent double-double threat since 2004. Getting transferred to the Blazers gives him a stronger chance of consistently playing in the postseason, and should only add to the strength of his legacy.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Rodney White (9th)

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2001 28th Pick: Tony Parker
- The fiery French guard has 3 rings to his credit and has averaged nearly 17ppg and 6apg throughout his career while shooting just a shade under 50% from the field. He's a 3-time All-Star and was the 2007 NBA Finals MVP. Despite these achievements, he's generally underrated by many pundits and players. 
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Raul Lopez (24th)

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2003 18th Pick: David West
- West is a 2-time All-Star, and has averaged 16ppg and 7rpg  in 8 pro seasons. Who knows how far the Hornets could've gone had he not been injured near the end of the 2010-2011 season? Here's to hoping D-West can return and be another reason why CP3 should stay in New Orleans.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Michael Sweetney (9th)

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2004 17th Pick: Josh Smith
- Few players in the NBA can boast of averaging 15ppg, 8rpg and 2bpg, but that's exactly what Smith has been doing in his 7 seasons. He's also helped Atlanta barge into the Playoffs consistently for the past 4 years after many fruitless seasons. Rumors of him being traded persist, but he'll be a valuable contributor anywhere he goes.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Luke Jackson (10th)

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2005 17th Pick: Danny Granger
- In just 6 seasons, this not-so-hyped player of out the University of New Mexico has assumed the mantle of franchise player for the Indiana Pacers. He's also been part of Team USA and was an All-Star in 2009. He led Indiana back into the postseason this year, and he should continue leading the Pacers to improve in the East.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Martell Webster (6th)

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2005 40th Pick: Monta Ellis
- He's certainly one of the most explosive scorers in the league, and definitely one of the most entertaining high-flyers too. Armchair analysts might never really see him as a team leader or even a franchise player, but nobody can turn a blind eye to his limitless talent. He was the Most Improved Player in '07, and could've been a great All-Star this past season.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Rashad McCants (14th)

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2006 21st Pick: Rajon Rondo
- 2-time All-Defensive First Team, 2-time All-Star, and NBA Champion. And still he's not the biggest name on a Boston squad with 3 future Hall of Famers. But he's highly considered one of the biggest Draft steals in recent memory. He's still a few years away from making opponents respect his jump-shot, but if J-Kidd could do it, then Rondo can as well. As for now, his per games of 10 points, 4 boards, 7 dimes and 2 steals will do.
Who was a same-position-player picked before him? Quincy Douby (19th)

Honorable Mention:
Mehmet Okur - 2001 37th Pick
Gilbert Arenas - 2001 30th Pick
Carlos Boozer - 2002 35th Pick
Mo Williams - 2003 47th Pick
Josh Howard - 2003 29th Pick
Jameer Nelson - 2004 20th Pick
David Lee - 2005 30th Pick

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Manu Ginobili.


At the 57th pick, Manu is one of the biggest steals all-time, but I only counted the ones in the last decade, and seeing as Manu was picked in 1999, I didn't include him.