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The 3rd Michael Bay Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, is coming out in about a week's time here in Manila, and in anticipation for this MOMENTOUS occasion, I'll be detailing my all-time favorite robots-in-disguise. All from Generation 1 of course. 

How couldn't anyone like a VW Bug that transforms into a robot?! And a yellow one too.
Sure, there were times Bumblebee felt more like a bumbling fool, but I'd like to
think that was all part of his schtick.
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Me, HoopNut, like Grimlock. He shares the same values as most Decepticons (hunger for power, end justifies the means),
but he's a friggin' T-Rex that turns into a robot!!! How could anyone not like that!?!?! And kinda
addressing himself in the 3rd person? Classic!!
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Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime I've always found so cool in a symbolic kind of way. He represents
youth maturing and accepting responsibility that's bigger than himself. Reminds me
of some of students and friends. Sorry for the drama.
Arise Rodimus Prime!!!
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How can any self-respecting TF fan not, at the very least, admire Optimus? He's the eptiome
of a hero. He's too good to be true, and larger than life, but man was he uber awesome.
And I haven't even started talking about his trailer.
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Smokescreen didn't get a lot of screen time in the cartoon, or anywhere for that matter,
but he holds some sentimental value for me since he was the first die-cast metal
TF toy I ever had. He was awesome. And he could get away with blatant smoke-belching to boot.
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Six robots combining to produce the monstrosity. Oh but what a monstrosity.
Devastator was pure strength, pure bravado. I preferred the original one to the
Michael Bay version.
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Soundwave's voice is iconic. Like digital-rock-star-ish thing going on there.
And he has Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak and Ravage inside him too! And he
totally kicks Blaster's butt! He looks like Optimus too haha
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Starscream is akin to the guy at the neighborhood ballpark you hate seeing, but love beating.
He's so friggin' annoying, a classic social climber, which made beating him
absolutely satisfying.
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Here are some of the intro clips from the original Transformers cartoon:

Here is the latest trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

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