Off-Topic: E3 2011's Best!

Where & When: June 7-9, 2011 at the LA Convention Center

I'm a video game buff, and am proud of it. I've never been to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but I've always kept tabs on the happenings and big announcements. (If anyone wants to take me there next year, then just go to the Contact Me page :))

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For this year's E3, here are the vids that made me salivate :

Tomb Raider: 
WOW! Lara doesn't really look as voluptuous as she normally does, but it just has that this-is-going-to-be-epic feel to it. It seems TR will go the way of Uncharted, and that will probably be for the better. 

Darksiders 2: 
Though I've never had the chance to play Darksiders, I've always been fascinated by the premise. A lot of people didn't like how the first game was a GOW clone, but that wasn't such a big issue for me. Now we have Death trying to find War. WOW!

Street Fighter X Tekken:
How can you go wrong here? The best 90s fighter and the best 2000s fighter in one fighter? WOW! Ryu vs Kazuya? Guile vs Paul? Chun-Li vs  Nina? Zangief vs King? Again, how can you go wrong?

Final Fantasy 13-2: 
I didn't really fall head-over-heels for FF 13, but I've always appreciated the tales behind the trappings of the FF games. FF 13-2's own story seems promising, if a little dark.

Here are some of the best games/moments from E3 2011:
Best of E3 2011 c/o IGN:

Best of E3 2011 c/o G4TV:

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