Off-Topic: Did You Ever Collect Marvel Trading Cards?

Oh man I loved these when I was much younger. I believe I really got into collecting these way back in Grades 4 & 5. I remember getting most of the cards and keeping them until we moved. And then I don't remember anymore :(

Oh well, chalk one up for nostalgia: 

Oh man Cable was the MAN.
Big biceps + Big guns + "I don't care" swagger = Ultimate Anti-Hero
(image from
How do you beat this guy? He eats planets!!!
His agility and stamina values are funny though.
(image from
Insane guy. Literally and Figuratively.
Bad enough he gets insanely huge, but the green skin? Bummer.
(image from
Oooohlala. She fights in a skin tight costume that
covers a third of her body. Nuff said.
(image from
Comic Fanboys' muse. Hands down.
Unfortunately, she "cannot" kiss you, or anybody for that matter.
(image from
Before Tobey Maguire, there was the REAL Spidey.
(image from
An alien on a surfboard who was great values
practically across the board. Ultimate IMBA.
(image from
Super baddy. I remember being fixated on the
Infinity Gauntlet saga when I was 10 years old.
(image from
Can you believe that a guy named "Thing" only has 6 strength?
And he's practically a walking talking rock. What were they thinking?
(image from
Logan doesn't look very menacing here,
but he's definitely one of the most memorable heroes ever.
(image from
Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality and Power
(image from
Of all the guns they could analyze, why did
they choose an uzi and a handgun?!
(image from
A superhero team with an Indian strong guy.
Can't find that anywhere else.
(image from
No Capt. America. No Thor. No Vision. No Hulk.
In other words, this the Avengers: Team B.
(image from
Beasties battle.
I got 20 on Logan.
(image from
Who the hell is Kang?
Isn't he the talking brain from the Ninja Turtles? Or is that Krang?
(image from
The X-Men are always cool. Always.
(image from

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