East Asia Basketball Championship scores for June 11, 2011

Day 2 Results:
Taiwan over Mongolia, 85-71
Quarter scoring: 25-30, 43-46, 61-57, 85-71
- The Mongolians gave the Taiwanese a surprisingly good fight. They face the Japanese next, and Japan would do well not to take Mongolia lightly.
- Chien Chia-Hung led the way again with 13 points, as did Su Yi-Chieh and Lu Cheng-Ju.
- The true test for Taiwan would be facing either S. Korea or China in the next round.
- By virtue of this win, Taiwan officially books a seat to the 2011 FIBA-Asia Men's tourney.
Shinen Sedbazar led Mongolia with 17 points, Davassambuu Delgemy followed him with 14, and Tsetsegee Mergen had 10.
Shinen Sedbazar is the Mongolian top gun
(image by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)
Chien Chia-Hung has been playing splendidly for Taiwan
(image from taiwanhoops.com)

China over Hong Kong, 104-43
Quarter scoring: 28-5, 49-16, 84-28, 104-43
- No surprise here as the Chinese took over from the get-go. Even if it's not the "full strength" Chinese team on display, they're still very potent.
- China has several players on the roster simply to serve their game suspensions incurred in an exhibition against Brazil. These are Zhang Bo and Sun Yue, both serving 1 game suspensions, and perennial China NT forward Zhu Fang-Yu, who was tagged with a 3-gamer.
- Meng Duo led the way with 22 points, followed by Yi Li and Yu Shulong with 18 and 17 respectively.

Zhu Fang-Yu might not even play in the EABC,
but by doing so, he'll be able to play in the FIBA-Asia Men's tourney
(image from blogbus.com)

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