2011 West Asian Basketball Championships Mini-Recap

Mohammad Samad Nikkhah Bahrami is bound to showcase
his incredible skills again in Wuhan, China
(image from ESPN Taiwan)

I wanted to cover the 2011 WABA Championships as best I could, but there was a dearth of resources online, so it was practically impossible. Anyway, all we know is that Iran topped the tournament by sweeping all three of its games. Jordan followed suit by escaping Iraq and dismantling Syria. Syria edged Iraq on Day 1 to finish with a lone victory against two losses. In the end, Iran, Jordan and Syria will join Lebanon as the WABA representatives to the 2011 FIBA-Asia Men's Championship in Wuhan, China, while the WABA hosts, Iraq, stay home and go back to the drawing board.

Expect Michael Madanly to be the most potent
scoring machine for Team Syria.
(image from Indiatimes.com)
Day 1:
Iran over Jordan, 72-70
QS: 21-11, 36-36, 47-50, 72-70

Syria over Iraq, 92-85
QS: 21-26, 48-42, 77-69, 92-85

The Jordanians played just well enough (minus some key players)
to finish 2nd in the 2011 WABA tourney
(image from the Jordanian NT's FaceBook page)
Day 2:
Iran over Syria, 83-62
QS: 13-16, 36-27, 55-45, 83-62

Jordan over Iraq, 79-77
QS: 13-21, 27-42, 49-58, 79-77

The Iranians are poised to make another serious run at the FIBA-Asia crown
(image from FIBAAsia.net)
Day 3:
Jordan over Syria, 92-75
QS: 22-19, 50-32, 71-57, 92-75

Iran over Iraq, 93-52
QS: 29-12, 52-31, 77-39, 93-52

Qualified for 2011 FIBA Asia with Lebanon:

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