Rosey Saturday – Playoff Pondering: May 7, 2011

Can anyone really beat Chicago when the MVP scores 44?
(image by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images)
CHI over ATL, 99-82 (CHI up 2-1)

Jeff Teague, who had another splendid game in the absence of veteran Kirk Hinrich, said this of his defensive assignment of the night: Derrick Rose, “He’s tough to cover anyway, but when his jump shot is falling, he’s the MVP.”

You betcha.

The youngest MVP in NBA history registered a performance worthy of the accolade: 44pts, 7asts, 5rebs, 4 triples, and 8-9 from the line. No wonder the Bulls beat the Hawks badly IN ATLANTA, and now enjoy a 2-1 series lead.
Luol Deng didn't have to score
a bunch in Game 3
(image by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images)

It’s not a commanding series lead, yet, but the way things are going, and the way Rose is attacking at every opportunity, it might as well be a done deal.

Of course it doesn’t help the Hawks that their All-Star center Al Horford is averaging just a shade over 8 points per outing, and has only made 12 out of 31 field goals. That’s a CENTER, mind you.

And when the usually prolific backcourt tandem of Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson are held to a combined 17 points, then you know Larry Drew has some big problems that need quick solving.

He may not have enough time though, and, if Rose continues play the way he does, and if he continues to inspire his teammates to bring out the best in themselves too, then it might all be moot and academic at this point.

The last time Atlanta split the first two playoff games with Chicago was way back in the mid-90s. and Chicago took games 3,4 & 5 then. Who’s to say that won’t happen this time around? Nobody. Nobody at all.

Josh Smith had his moments, but he also shot the
Hawks' chances with ill-advised jumpers
(image by the AP)
Just as Jamal Crawford lost the ball here, the Hawks
have lost the series lead
(image by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images)
The MVP continues to surprise and amaze
(image by the AP)

DAL over LAL, 98-92 (DAL up 3-0)
Even this guy doesn't know what hit them
(image by the AP)
Wow. Did you really think, in your wildest dreams, yes your WILDEST dreams, that Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks could ever be up 3-0 against these Lakers? These Lakers with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derrick Fisher and Phil Jackson? These Lakers?

No friggin’ way.

Jason Terry was big again off the pine
(image Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
But the unthinkable, literally UNTHINKABLE, has happened. The once-meandering, shoot-themselves-to-death Mavericks have shot themselves to a commanding lead from which no team in the NBA has ever come back to win.

But, and this is a BIG BUT – this team has Kobe Bryant (the guy who just defies any rule in the book), Phil Jackson (the coach who just defies any rule in the book), and Ron Artest (the guy who clotheslines anyone in the book).

As far as I’m concerned, and this is from a guy who hasn’t exactly fallen head-over-heels for Kobe, this series is not finished until one team gets to 4 wins. If there is any team, any team, in the league capable of erasing a 3-game deficit, it must be LA. It must be Phil Jackson. It must be Kobe.

So if you’re Dallas, and you’re pre-planning that team banquet to celebrate dethroning the defending NBA Champions, hold that order slip first. Hold it until you get win #4. Hold it until you’ve disposed of the Black Mamba, who, even if you cut off a big part of his slithering body, can still bite when you’re not looking.

Is Cuban pointing to the Western Conference Finals?
(image by the AP)
Dirk rallied the Mavs in the 4th to clinch the Game 3 win
(image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
If LA has any chance to even win 1 game, the they
need Pau to be GaSOLID!
(image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Rose scores 44 on ATL:

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