Playoff Postmortem: Oklahoma City Thunder

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Kevin Durant is relegated to the sidelines after being
booted out by the Dallas Mavericks
(image by Sam Forencich/Getty Images)
Such a long way these guys have come, and in such a short amount of time.

Just two seasons after winning only 23 games in 2009, the OKC Thunder remained as one of the last four teams still playing through the month of May. And yes they eventually got booted out by a slick Dallas Mavericks team, but what they’ve accomplished in half the span of time it takes someone to finish high school is nothing short of astounding.

Few things could be better.

One thing actually.

What could be better than what Oklahoma has done this season?

What they will do in the next few seasons.

The Thunder have lots to talk about,
but they're on track to be even better
(image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

They’ll be better. They’ll be stronger. They’ll be wiser.

They will contend for the title. They might even win one.

Or two. Or three. Or four. Oh wait, now I sound like someone I hate. (Hi LeBron)

Let’s erase that shall we?

Okay. Because the Thunder are supposed to be on the good side here.

That is, until they let their potential get to their heads. Already we’ve seen flashes of that in the past few weeks – Russell Westbrook taking ill-timed shots, Kevin Durant settling for too many jumpers, lapses on defense, the little bad habits young teams make because they think sheer talent can carry them through. I sincerely hope OKC doesn’t go that route.

Perk is the conscience that
should guide the Thunder
(image by Sam Forencich/Getty Images)
Which is why I’m thankful Kendrick Perkins is in this team. He does nothing on paper, and even less for Fantasy managers, but he’s someone to covet in real-world ball – right there on the hardwood where the battles are fought.

He should be the proverbial wise old man to the young turk archetypes that KD and Jet Zero typify. James Harden could be the fateful sidekick, Serge Ibaka could be Little John and Nick Collison… Friar Tuck?

The Thunderous Merrymen were thwarted by fate this season, but are destined to steal from the haves and give to the have-nots in the next. 

Can James Harden continue to
raise his game?
(image by Sam Forencich/Getty Images)
Serge Ibaka needs to be tougher underneath
(image by Noah Graham/Getty Images)
Will Russell Westbrook make the jump
from scorer to playmaker?
(image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

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