High Flying and Hot Shooting! Playoff Pondering for May 9, 2011

Derrick Rose and the Bulls were stymied by
the spirited Atlanta Hawks in Game 4
(image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta rebounded against the Bulls as the Dallas Mavericks literally shot the lights out of the Lost Angeles Lakers' dreams of a three-peat.

ATL over CHI, 100-88 (Series tied 2-2)
Every time Josh Smith hurled a jumper in Game 3, the Atlanta folk moaned and held their breath. He wasn’t known as a shooter. He was an athletic guy who was paid to run, jump, dunk, rebound, and block.
In the Hawks’ Game 4win against the Chicago Bulls, Smith played exactly like that guy.
Josh Smith was just all over the place in Game 4
(image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

He ran, jumped, dunked, rebounded, and blocked his way to 23 points, 16 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal and, get this, 8 assists. Sure, he made only 8 of 22 FG attempts, but nobody in Georgia is really complaining. Everyone knows Joe Johnson is gonna get his, and, lo and behold, Al Horford got his too, but it’ll take Josh Smith’s A-game for the Hawks to dispose of the favored Bulls.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt when reserve guard Jeff Teague, who’s on borrowed time until Kirk Hinrich returns, plays well.
Jeff Teague played well enough to complement the top Hawks
(image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Hinrich, who’s been saddled by a hamstring injury had this to say of M-V-Teague, “Obviously he has ability. He’s fast. He’s good at finishing up around the rim.”

Those comments remind you of Derrick Rose?

Speaking of the reigning MVP, he did finish with MVP-ish numbers: 34 points and 10 dimes, but he only made 12 of 32 field goals and had 6 shots blocked. The missing pieces for Chicago were Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Kyle Korver, who all combined for just 21 points on 8-26 FG shooting. That just won’t get it done.

Now it’s back to Illinois, where either team can swing the momentum with a Game 5 win.
Perhaps the really scary thing isn’t that the Hawks can beat the Bulls, but the fact that the Hawks KNOW they can beat the Bulls.

Al Horford turned in a game of worthy of his All-Star l
(image by the AP)
Hawks fans happily greeted the team before the game
(image by the AP)

DAL over LAL, 122-86 (DAL wins 4-0)
Kobe, and perhaps millions Californians, can't believe what just happened
(image by the AP)
A few days ago, Kobe Bryant of the defending champion LA Lakers had this to say after sinking into a 0-3 hole, “I think we’re still going to win the series.”
Now that’s confidence.

The Dallas Mavericks made sure Kobe, and his Lakers, didn’t even win one game.

And man was this ever a beating. The beating of all beatings.

I honestly cannot remember the last time a Phil Jackson-coached team was beaten this bad in the postseason. And did anyone really expect it?

Hell no.

Phil Jackson bows out badly beaten
(image by Ronald Marinez/Getty Images)
Sure, maybe some people pegged the Mavs to sweep LA, but by 36 points? With Jason Terry hitting 9 threes? Peja Sotjakovic hitting 6 threes? JJ Barea scoring 22 points? The Mavs bench having the same score as the entire LA squad?


Ridiculously awesome.

There’s just no way around it. With the way these Dallas Mavericks are playing, not even the Miami Heat have a chance. Not even Chicago. 

Yes, not even Memphis.

These Mavs are, 5 years after choking in the NBA Finals, for real once again.

We all know Mark Cuban’s probably prepping a budget plan for a championship celebration this early, but if Dallas continues playing like this, then this time he won’t be disappointed.

Jason Terry tied a career-playoff-high with 9 triples, yes NINE TRIPLES
(image by Ronald Marinez/Getty Images)

Peja Stojakovic was reminiscent of his past self, hitting 6 threes
(image by the AP)

For all his trouble, and his 22 points, JJ Barea got this "thank you" elbow from Andrew Bynum
(image by the AP)

Here are the Mavs shooting 20 triples against the Lakers:

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