Playoff Pondering: April 26, 2011 & Pip’s potshot at Booze

DAL over POR, 93-82 (DAL up 3-2)
We can close it out in Portland!
(image by the AP)

The Mavs are probably shaking their heads. If only their 23-point Game 4 lead was enough cushion, they’d be the second team in the second round. Instead, they go back to the City of Roses for a Game 6 where, despite this sound beating, the Portland Trailblazers will be favored. Portland zero-to-hero Brandon Roy was back to his “regular” self, scoring only 5 points on 2-7 shooting. He’ll need to be extraordinary again if the Blazers will go back to Texas for a Game 7. Game ball should be given to Tyson Chandler, who finally broke double figures with 14 points, on top of collaring a whopping 20 boards!

MEM over SAS, 104-86 (MEM up 3-1)
Memphis is in the way
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SAS now stands for San Antonio Spurned. That’s all they’ve been the past 2 games in Tennessee. This time, Zebo didn’t even dominate inside. Nobody actually dominated for Memphis, but they did have 9 players score at least 8 points, led by Mike Conley’s 15. Tony Parker topped San Antonio with 23 points, but something’s wrong when Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson combine for a grand total of 6 points after averaging about 13 and 11 respectively in the regular season. Is this the same Spurs team that logged 61 wins? Yes. But that is the wrong question. This is the right one: Is this the same Memphis team that won “only” 46 games and entered the postseason with a 2-game losing streak? Nope. They’re definitely better.

DEN over OKC, 104-101 (OKC up 3-1)
It should've been done already
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So the Thunder’s impending first playoff series win was delayed by Ty Lawson’s career-high 27. And it wasn’t because Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were limited – they still combined for 61 points. This time it was Denver who enjoyed balanced scoring, and a surfeit of free-throws. And they made the most out of this chance to avoid a sweep. With this Game 4 triumph, Denver avoided the fate accorded to their former star, Carmelo Anthony, who’s now chilling at home comforted by the thought that next season will bring more of the same. At least here in the Rockies, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, and Wilson Chandler are still playing.

Boozer makes bad fouls according to Scottie Pippen
I'm watching you, Carlos Boozer
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Is that really what matters Scottie? How about Boozer’s 37.5% clip as opposed to Taj Gibson’s 38.5%? Okay, they’re both awful, but Boozer did shoot 47% over the course of the regular season. Maybe Pip’s upset the Bulls didn’t get the first sweep of the playoffs, but he shouldn’t worry too much. No way Indiana’s going to win in Chicago. When they face Atlanta/Orlando next, well, that’s another story altogether.

Underwhelming so far
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