“Is Jeff green?” and “What the hell kind of hair is that Tony Allen?!”

Is Jeff green?
Green in green
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Green as in a Celtic? Duh.           
FG% up
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Green as in inexperienced? Shouldn’t be. This is his fifth year as a pro and second trip to the postseason. On some level he should have acclimatized already. If you look at his post-trade numbers, however, you wouldn’t be too excited. All his numbers went down after moving from OKC, where he was the 3rd scoring option, to the 2008 Champs, where he comes off the bench. Except for one key stat: his Field Goal % rose from 43.7% to 48.5%. His per-minute scoring was pretty much the same too: 0.41 with OKC and 0.42 with Boston.

So why don’t we feel him making as much of an impact as Kendrick Perkins is making for the Thunder?
Green tries to contain Melo
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Is it simply because his big name teammates hog all the spotlight? Is it because he plays behind a guy named Paul Pierce? Is it because he spent most of his energy running after Carmelo Anthony?
Doc believes in Jeff
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All of the above perhaps.

He’ll have to break out someday soon, and Doc Rivers believes he’s due.

“He’s coming,” said coach Doc Rivers. “He’s playing with a different level of energy.”

Many people believe Boston got him as a combo-forward who can defend the other team’s wingmen while having the touch to make the jumpers that will free up KG’s postgame and Pierce’s drives. He’s been good in stretches, but the Big Green need Green to be great, or at least great with what he’s been given. He survived Anthony, but up next is LeBron and D-Wade. If the Celts manage to survive them, which is a BIG IF, then he could face Jamal Crawford, Joe Johnson or Luol Deng next.

Green has to raise his game
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Boston wants to maximize their resurgence in the playoffs after stumbling towards the end of the 82-game slog, and they have to cash-in on this former Georgetown Hoya for that to happen. Green has always been a scorer, has always started, and has the moxie to take the big shots in the clutch, but all this business playing in the collective shadow of four potential Hall-of-Famers is unfamiliar territory. He could be Boston’s unsung hero, but by all indications maybe Jeff is green after all.

Tony Allen’s Grizz-do

This is one for the ages.
Grizz with glitters
(image by Curtis Givens)
Was it a good thing that he decided to shave it before game time? It would’ve been awfully distracting to see him play, given that he’s one of the most active guys on the hardwood, and the fact that he used friggin’ glitters in his hair. You crazy Tony. Grizzly crazy.

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